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Church Update

Due to Yuba County being moved back into the more restrictive “Purple Tier”, California’s strictest COVID-19 tier, all scheduled services have been cancelled. Reopening church services will not be scheduled until further notice.
For any questions or concerns please call the church at: (530) 743-6426.

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Our Teachings

The Marysville Buddhist Church is a temple within the Jodoshinshu-Hongwanji-ha (‘True Pure Land School, Denomination of the Temple of the Primal Vow ‘), popularly known as Nishi Hongwanji, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.

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Shin Buddhist World

The his­tor­i­cal Bud­dha, Shakya­muni (565-486BC) taught that we live lives characterized by difficulties. These difficulties result from our inability to see things as they are. Our preferences and prejudices influence how we see and engage the world resulting in difficulties for ourselves and others.

The resolution of difficulties through cultivating a mind that sees things as they are is the Buddhadharma.

Shinran Shonin (1173–1263 AD) saw himself as a being mired in his own foolishness, bound to the continued experience of difficulties. He found hope in the Vow of Amida Buddha, that assures all beings of the resolution of difficulties. The assurance of Amida allows us to see our own foolishness. With a deepening awareness of our foolishness we live with gratitude for the assurance of Amida.

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Special Events

We host services monthly along with several special events throughout the year that support our church. The ever-popular Obon Odori is held during the summer.

Our Minister

Rev. Tim Castle has been assigned to our church.

Since 2012, we have enjoyed Rev. Tim’s addition to our Sangha and Sunday Services. Everyone is welcome to attend Sunday services!

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